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~ Volks MSD Mika Old Girl Body            
~ Volks MSD Mika SD PureSkin Girl Body

Sitting up

Notice that even while sitting on a 'ledge' the old body tends to lean backwards. Its not that stable at all and could topple backwards. Note that this body is wired so she could hold the sitting pose. Can't say the same for unwired bodies ^^;;

The PS body however, sits up straight, locked on and is so stable there is no worry she would fall backwards, sideways or forwards. 

Side view

The old body calves are 'floating' forwards while the PS body locks and just sort of keeps the body in balance.

Crossing ankles

The old body is trying ^^;; but the PS body just keeps the pose beautifully like its what it should be doing all along. Cute eh ? XD~

Crossing legs

No comment XD~ The old body flips backwards while PS body maintains it and could still be stable. Even though the angle is higher than what a normal human crosses legs at, its still acceptable ne XD


On the left is the standard MSD issue hand (or optional hand part #01) while on the right is Sweet Dreams Mika default 'grasp' hand or #03 in the Mini FCS. And must I get started on how easy it is to change the hands on the PS body ? XD


On the left is the old body feet, notice that the toes sort of diagonally slope downwards towards the last toe and the feet shape is bigger at the top than at the heel. Somehow it feels like the feet has been bounded at a young age like those olden days Chinese. *falls over*

On the right is the PS body's feet, much more 'balanced' and natural (albeit more chubby) shape with the toes nicely spread out. Think maybe that's why the new body has a better stability ? ^^


Even with the uneven surface the PS body stands nicely, is very stable while the old body can stand but not as stable and needs a bit of a work to keep her upright.

Legs apart

The PS body can open the legs wider and is still stable while the old body is having a hard time trying to stand with legs opened too wide XD

Front view of heads

It seems that the eyeholes of Mika SD is 'longer' than the eyeholes of the normal Mika. Otherwise the rest is pretty much the same but for that and the structure inside the head.

Side view of heads

From bottom view of heads

Sweet Dreams Mika

Alone, because she's just too cute and I couldn't resist. ^^ And of course the pictures absolutely do NOT do her any justice. One must really see her in real life to fully appreciate her lovely faceup, the gentle thin strokes and shading. Volks really did a wonderful job on her.

Verdict is, it is still up to the preference of the owner which body they prefer. ^^;; Some of course do like the floppiness of the old MSD body but others adore the great posing ability of the Pure Skin one. Because of the 'snaps' and 'lock ons' of the new PS body, it has a smaller range of movements than the old body but its not often noticeable as how often does one does so much posing ? XD~ However to me, I personally prefer the new body as its SO stable and I just love how the new body sits so perfectly straight (better position than my own sitting posture) that will do any parent proud XD~ No complains only kudos to Volks for making so much changes and of course the added bonus of easy hand and feet swaps is *cheers* XD~ The feel and look of the skin is different to compared to the old resin which is much nicer to touch (in a way) and is rather translucent. Must see to know !

But these are all just my two yens, feel free to think otherwise ^^
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